The Truck

The Infamous Posten’s Performance Truck!

You may have spotted “The Truck” around town. It is a 1999 Chevy 2500 retrofitted with a utility box. My business is mainly word of mouth. If you see me drive by, I’m most likely going to a referral or servicing an existing customer. I know it’s hard to miss with the bright colors. There is no doubt that Posten’s Performance is servicing your vehicle when you see the yellow, orange, red and blue. In fact my son, Walt, Jr, painted it for me.

My truck is equipped with the latest technology that keeps me up to date on vehicle manuals, service bulletins, and repair techniques.

It has an enormous amount of storage space in that utility box that contains my testers, air tools, wrenches, jacks, etc. You name it, it’s probably in there. All of these tools make it possible for me to repair your vehicle on site, quickly and professionally.


675 SW Sea Holly Terrace
Port St. Lucie, FL 34984